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Encouraging young people to have humanistic care to solve problems and create social well-being is the cornerstone of entrepreneurial spirit, and it is also a rooted educational ideological model to prevent enterprises from harming humanity and society.
The former CEO of Adventech/TiC100 Talentrepreneurship Competition and the founder of GlobalTic, Zhi Hua, Su, have once encouraged the young generation, ''We should start educating people in their childhood on contribution to the society and tell them with all our hearts that they should think outside the box as well as fulfill corporate social responsibility so that they can maintain their positive influences on society.''
One of the founding concepts of Global Talentrepreneur Innovation & Collaboration Association (GlobalTiC) is to “Return to the immanence of interiority, ignite your passion for life with the next generation and bring resources from societies together in order to build a better future.” Along with the cultural integration with Shih Chien University of the five-core value “Character edification, humanistic care, cultural creativity, industrial needs and international vision"